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on March 14, 2012

Teaching Sight Words With Pictures

Did you know that many young learners think in pictures!  Little ones often visualize what they are attempting to learn to help solidify the information in their memory banks! Think about the last time you needed to get somewhere you hadn’t been before. Even if you used written directions instead of a pictorial map, you probably had a number of visual markers such as unusual sights or signs to help you learn how to get there. Presenting children with illustrations of sight words along with their print versions helps them make important connections between the object and the word.  Printing the words on a worksheet shortly after reading our colorfully illustrated books can go a long way!  Flashcards or posters with a colorful picture and the word written under it are excellent sight word teaching tools. In addition, parents can have children draw their own pictures of each word on the same page to help them link the print with the visual.

Sight Word Books:

An enchantingly affectionate cat and interesting story line make this a perfect book
for introducing your child to the wonderful world of reading!

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