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Cat In A Box

on March 13, 2012

“Cat In A Box” (Level 1, Volume 2)

Kindle| Nook

Theme is Movement:  Introduces words such as: on, out, under, jump, down, up, look, open, close. Reintroduces and reviews a few sight words from Volume 1: I SEE A CAT, such as: the, cat, likes, a, in, sees, is.

This books are divided into three or more chapters with a vocabulary word review list at the end of each chapter to reinforce material.  After your child is done reading the book, help them retain the newly introduced words, by visiting our printable worksheets page, our flashcards page or our other printables page.

Cat In A Box introduces 28+  sight words, includes 26+  beautifully illustrations (original water colors) and 32+ pages.  Also available in Spanish!

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