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The Servathon Update:

When: Monday, January 20th, 2020.  9 am to 2 pm

Where:  Anaheim High School ROP, Room 71, 811 West Lincoln in Anaheim, CA 92805

What:  Bring your 3d printers, or Braille expertise and join in the fun as we print the first set of pages for tactile books.  This project could use your help to run 3d printers.  We also need more feedback from individuals with low vision to no vision.  Prototype pages will be on site for testers to feel and experience.  Your feedback is critical to the success of this project!

Can’t come but want to help remotely?  Not a problem!  Download the STL models here and 3d print them remotely!  After you are done printing a page, then mail it to Airwolf 3D.  We will take it from there!

3D Printing Braille and Illustrations for Children:

What:  Publishing children’s tactile books in Braille using 3D printing technology!

How:  The pages will be 3d printed, with the Braille dots at the bottom and the elevated image at the top.  The dots will be slightly enlarged (remember when you were first learning to read in kindergarten and it helped that the letters were super huge?) so that the reader can begin to recognize the formation.  The related image on that page will be a simple, line silhouette so that the reader can easily feel around and touch the object.  Later books will include textures to denote colors!

Why:  Did you know that most children’s books are never published in Braille?  And if they are, they are very expensive (about 4X more expensive!).  Even fewer Braile books have an “image” or “object” on the pages that the reader can feel or experience, other than the Braille.  We believe that visually impaired children will enjoy reading books like these.  We believe that the images will help them to “bridge the gap” or better relate a concept from word-to-object by feeling it.

When:  We are currently seeking visually impaired children and adults to give us feedback on the prototypes.  We have several versions that need to be evaluated in December.   Are you interested in evaluating a few pages?  Please drop us an email

Where:  The Servathon:  How can you help?  We are teaming up with ROP Instructor Ron Ponce from Anaheim High School for a Servathon!  The school is hosting this event in January 2020 and it is open to the public.  You are invited to bring your 3d printer to the event and 3d print a page of the book with us.  At the end of the event, all of the 3d printed pages will be brought together to form books.  The books will be donated to schools for the visually impaired!  If you can’t make it to the event, then join us remotely.  Download the STL and 3d print the part on your machine at home. Be sure to share a photo of your final page on social media (#3dbraillepage and #servathon).  Mail the page to us and will do the rest!

braille page 1

braille page 2


What Stories Will We Publish in Braille? 

The following books were first published with illustrations for sighted children, now we will be reproduce these in Braille:

About Our Books:

An enchantingly affectionate cat and interesting story lines make this the perfect series of books to introduce your child to the wonderful world of reading!  Each book is divided into three chapters and each have a vocabulary list at the end of each chapter for your young reader to review the newly introduced words.  After your child is done reading the sight word ebook, help them to retain the material, by visiting our printable worksheets page, our flashcards page or our other printables page.

“I See A Cat” (Level 1, Volume 1)

sight word ebook cover of i see a catKindle | Nook

An enchantingly affectionate cat arrives on the scene. It seems to like everything it finds and then those items mysteriously end up in a tree.

This is the first in our series of sight word ebooks for kindergarteners and other beginner readers.  The theme for this book is Colors.  “I See A Cat” introduces level one Dolch words such as: I, see, a, cat, is, the, black, like, tree, big, bird, blue, in, hat, purple, bear, brown, duck, yellow, car, green, ball, orange, pig, pink, heart, red and has.

“I See A Cat” introduces 30+  sight words, includes 30+  beautiful illustrations (original water colors) and 30+ pages.  Also available in Spanish!  For more information about this book, click here.


  “Cat In A Box” (Level 1, Volume 2)

sight word ebook cover of cat in a box

Kindle| Nook

A pair of snooty mice show up and the friendly cat wants to play. Uh oh…here comes the rain, what will they do now?

This is the second book in in our series of sight word ebooks and it’s theme is Movement.  “Cat In A Box” introduces words such as: on, out, under, jump, down, up, look, open and close. It also reintroduces and reviews a few sight words from Volume 1 “I See A Cat” such as: the, cat, likes, a, in, sees and is.

“Cat In A Box” introduces 28+  sight words, includes 26+  beautiful illustrations (original water colors) and 32+ pages.  Also available in Spanish!


“A Cat Helps A Rabbit” (Level 1, Volume 3)

sight word ebook cover of cat helps a rabbitKindle| Nook

A rabbit in need is a friend indeed. The cat and rabbit set out on a mission.

The theme in “A Cat Helps a Rabbit” is Colors.  This book, third in our series of sight word ebooks, introduces words such as: rabbit, not, find, thing and help. It also reintroduces and reviews a few sight words from Volumes 1 and 2 such as: the, cat, likes, a, in, sees, is and look.

“A Cat Helps A Rabbit” introduces 30  sight words, includes 27  beautiful illustrations (original water colors) and 30 pages.



“Cat In A House” (Level 1, Volume 4)

sight word ebook cover of cat in a houseKindle | Nook

The cat is in a house – but is it the cat’s house? Follow along and look for clues in this charming night time story.

The theme in “Cat In A House” is Home.  This is the fourth in our series of sight word ebooks.  The reader is introduced to everyday household words such as: house, door, chair, table, bed, eat and goodnight. The book also reintroduces and reviews a few sight words from Volumes 1, 2 and 4 such as: jump, up, they, run, down, on and out.

“Cat In A House” introduces 20+  sight words, includes 30  beautiful illustrations (original water colors) and 30+ pages.


2017 – Teaching Sight Words With Pictures

Did you know that many young learners think in pictures!  Little ones often visualize what they are attempting to learn to help solidify the information in their memory banks! Think about the last time you needed to get somewhere you hadn’t been before. Even if you used written directions instead of a pictorial map, you probably had a number of visual markers such as unusual sights or signs to help you learn how to get there. Presenting children with illustrations of sight words along with their print versions helps them make important connections between the object and the word.  Printing the words on a worksheet shortly after reading our colorfully illustrated books can go a long way!  Flashcards or posters with a colorful picture and the word written under it are excellent sight word teaching tools. In addition, parents can have children draw their own pictures of each word on the same page to help them link the print with the visual.  Our beautifully illustrated sight word ebooks are the perfect tool for introducing these words.